Our staff strive to be hospitable, friendly, caring, and resourceful in service to provide outstanding camp experiences for each person we get to serve in a variety of camp and retreat programs. We service many different groups, including summer campers, churches, Girl Scouts, and school groups. See what parents of summer campers have to say about Summer Camp (click here)! You can also keep up with what's happening at the Ranch when you follow us on Facebook.

NEW TO WLD RANCH? Meet the staff, learn about our purpose, read the WLD Story to see how we started, check out our calendar to learn about upcoming community events, and browse our programs to see what might work for you or your group.


I love WLD Ranch! How can I be involved now or in the future?

  1. Attend community events or bring a group for a program or event.
    Watch the calendar on www.wldranch.com for upcoming community events. You can also schedule your group for an event.
  2. Send a child you know to Summer Camp. 
    Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about WLD Ranch and all we offer during Summer Camp. We have camps for all ages - even Family Camp for the entire family! Assist your family members financially to attend Summer Camp – gift certificates make great birthday presents!
  3. Give toward our Financial Assistance program to help families who need assistance to pay for Summer Camp.
    Don’t have a child you can send to Summer Camp?  Contribute to our Financial Assistance program to help families who request assistance with their registration fees. 
  4. Participate in Seeds of Generosity.
    Give generously through Seeds of Generosity to enable WLD Ranch to provide full sponsorships for campers from homes with the greatest needs. Email christy@wldranch.com for more details.
  5. Pray for WLD Ranch.
  6. Volunteer.
    We can only do what we do because of the tremendous crew of volunteers that find ways to help in keeping with our needs. There are many opportunities to volunteer. A great way of getting involved at first is to volunteer for a specific event or workday. Ask us if you would like more information.
  7. Help us create the next 50 years of experiences by becoming a donor.
    Donors enable WLD Ranch to continue operating and to improve how we serve our campers and guests. Support the future of WLD Ranch by becoming a consistent donor. We appreciate gifts of any amount at any frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly). We’d love to talk with you about this opportunity. Please contact Malcolm or Joseph if you would like to talk about this. 

How Can I Stay Informed?

  • Join our mailing list:

Contact joseph@wldranch.com with your name and mailing address.

  • Get our monthly email newsletter:

Use the form on the homepage to sign up.

  • Follow us on Facebook:

Like www.facebook.com/wldranch and check in for updates.

  • Follow us on Instagram:

Find us at www.instagram.com/wldranch for some updates, some jokes, and more all with pictures of WLD Ranch.

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