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. . . a sudden frenzied rush or headlong flight of a herd of cattle or horses . . . or PEOPLE!

WLD Ranch is hosting its 7th annual Stampede, a 5K adventure run including 18 challenging obstacles, on Saturday, September 29, 2018(REGISTER NOW! See the bottom of this page.)

ALSO FOR FAMILIES: Stampede! Family Run (Saturday, Sept. 29, 11:00AM)
Our Family Run is a 2K with a variety of obstacles for the whole family that you can navigate at your own pace. The minimum age of participants can be determined by the parents running with them. All families participating must have at least one adult. The fee is $10 per participant ages 3 and older. Each participant will receive a Stampede! Family Run event bracelet. (Participants under age 3 do not need to pay the race fee and will not receive an event bracelet.) Register below!

Stampede is a team-oriented run where the objective is to complete the course successfully. The run is open to anyone age 16 and older (or students age 13-15 who participate on a team with a parent or youth leader) - anyone who is up for the challenge of running (or rambling) over the 5K course and through the 18 obstacles. Form a team of 4-6 people and unite your team with a western theme or simply with the passion to accomplish the adventure run together. So rustle up some fellow cowboys and cowgirls - and come run with the herd! (Registration is done individually, but participating as a team is recommended.)

You can register right up to the day of the event (t-shirts will be ordered a few weeks ahead, so t-shirt size is not guaranteed for late registrations). There is still time to register!

Stampede Summary
Who? anyone age 16 and older (or students age 13-15 who register with a parent or youth leader)
What? an adventure run (approximately 5K) including 18 obstacles
Where? at WLD Ranch in Fairview township, PA (click here for directions)
When? Saturday, September 29, 2018
(Heats begin every 15 minutes starting at 8:00am with the final heat starting at 9:00am.)
Why? for the fun of stampeding as well as to support WLD Ranch as we continue to reach out to the community (all proceeds go to WLD Ranch; learn more about WLD Ranch
How much? Register by September 29 - cost is $40 per person (includes an event t-shirt)
(after Sept. 1, t-shirt size and style not guaranteed)


The course proceeds through fields, forest, hills, trails, and water (wading through a pond and hiking down a creek). Here is a summary of the obstacles for 2016(course route and obstacles subject to change; there will be some new obtacles on the course -updates coming soon):
1) Climb up and over the Bleachers
2) Go through Big and Little Tire"tunnels"
3) Clear the Rancher's Hurdles(a series of 400 lb. round hay bales to jump or crawl over)
4) Conquer the Culverts(slide down the long culvert and climb up the shorter culvert)
5) Go up and over theLog Ladder(logs positioned as a vertical ladder across the trail)
6) Traverse the Hourglass(travel from one tree to another using only two crossed ropes)
7) Alternate going Over and Under(over high logs and under low logs)
8) Assist your team in getting over the Beam(8 ft. high)
9) Climb the Tire Pyramid(an inverted pyramid of tires to go up and over)
10) Cross the Tire Swings(a series of 6 hanging tires)
11) Swing across from platform to platform on the Trapeze Swing
12) bulldose through Burma Loops(traverse from one tower to the next using the foot loops and hand rails)
13) Use the ropes to ascend the Cliff Climb
14) Scale the Wall(8 ft. tall flat wall with a ladder descent on the back)
15) Army Crawldown the hill
16) Cross the Cargo Crawl(make your way from one end to the other on the horizontal cargo net)
17) Wade across the pond in the Pond Crossing
18) Traverse the Hitching Rails(rail 1: hands on one bar with feet on the other bar or board; rail 2: use the rope loops for footing and the hitching rail for balance) 

You can view the course map from 2016here - it will give you a general idea of the route and where the obstacles are, though the route is slightly different for 2018. 

YOUTH LEADERS - Contact Joseph about bringing your youth group ( You can also recruit sponsors using this sponsor form (this will be updated for 2018 soon).

REGISTER HERE FOR September 29, 2018!   (email to request a paper registration form)      
Registration is per individual. Please fill out the details for yourself and any others you are registering below. Then click on "Pay Now." This will take you to the PayPal page where you can change the quantities of your payment options to reflect the total number of participants you are registering. You can pay by credit card or with your PayPal account. 

Please Note: T-shirts come in either Gildan cotton or Sport-Tek "dry fit" polyester this year. Please indicate your preference on style (cotton or dry fit) when signing up. We order t-shirts around Sept. 1, so there is no guarantee of getting your preferred style or size if you sign up after Sept. 1.

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