Summer Camp

 Summer Camp at WLD Ranch is an experience your campers won't soon forget. The unique mix of friendship building, focused learning, faith development, and fun activities gives your campers a taste of life at its fullest (go here to learn more about these summer camp core values). WLD Ranch summer staff will welcome your campers into camp life and return them to you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose from our Trailblazer, Pathfinder, and Tenderfoot overnight camps or select one of our day camp options if your camper isn’t quite keen on the idea of staying overnight. We also offer our Family Camp for campers of all ages. Which Round-ups will work for your family?

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Summer Camp 2024

Don't forget that you can pay a deposit now and then submit your registration by February 15 to receive the early registration discount.

Summer 2024 Schedule Prices
Round-up #1 June 23-28 Junior Pathfinder (ages 8-12)


Round-up #1D June 24-28 Junior Pathfinder (Day Camp) (ages 8-12) $306.00
Round-up #2 June 30-July 5 Teen Pathfinder (ages 13-17) $414.00
Round-up #2D July 1-5 Teen Pathfinder (Day Camp) (ages 13-17) $306.00
Round-up #3 July 7-12 Junior Pathfinder (ages 8-12) $414.00
Round-up #3D July 8-12 Junior Pathfinder (Day Camp) (ages 8-12) $306.00
Round-up #4 July 14-19 Trailblazer Camp (ages 12-16) $449.00
Round-up #5 July 28-30 Tenderfoot (ages 6-9) $238.00
Round-up #5D July 29-30 Tenderfoot (Day Camp) (ages 6-9) $188.00
Round-up #6 July 31-August 2 Explorer (ages 10-14) $238.00
Round-up #7D August 5-8 Explorer (Day Camp) (ages 10-14) $254.00
Round-up #8 August 9-11 Family Camp (age 8 and up) $89.00
  August 9-11 Family Camp (age 3-7) $49.00
  August 9-11 Family Camp (age 2 and under) free

Our Pathfinder Round-ups #1, #2, and #3 offer a balance of learning, games, and other activities that allow campers from ages 8 through 12 (Junior) or 13 through 17 (Teen) to experience WLD Ranch to the fullest. Mornings are devoted to Bible Round-Up as well as Pathfinder Skill Tracks, which are called Paths. Each camper will choose one of five Paths: Adventure Team, Archery, Horsemanship, Outdoor Skills, Pioneer Crafts, or Riflery. Campers also look forward to guest speakers, skit night, campfires, and hayrides. For more information on specific camp activities, including Skill Tracks and Bible Round-Up, read this description. You may also want to read about our Photo Packages. Here is a sample of our daily schedule.

Each evening, Junior Camps feature guest speakers (Daniel Helmbrecht RU1 and Brennan Plucknett RU3) who know how to connect and interact with junior campers. Come hear what the speakers share about God this summer.

Our Teen Week speaker is Steve Pettis (Round-up #2). Steve understands the challenges that today’s teens face and he is able to connect and communicate in a way that offers hope in an uncertain world.

During Teen Week, campers and staff enjoy four Theme Nights. We encourage campers and staff to dress appropriately for supper on each Theme Night. The camp game each night coordinates with the night's theme. Themes for 2024 are A Night at the Circus, Gettysburg, Star Wars and Throwback to the 90s. Check out Round-up #3 on Facebook for pictures from last year's theme nights.



Tenderfoot Round-up #5 is designed with our younger campers (and their parents) in mind. By considering the needs of the children in this age group (6-9 years old), we give campers a “well rounded” taste of camp life.

Pre-Junior campers sample activities such as horse rides, challenge course activities, Bible Round-Up, swimming, archery, and more. Group activities, freetime events, and Bible lessons are all aimed at meeting the needs of our younger campers in a 3-Day/2-Night stay.



The Trailblazer Round-up #4 is more intense than your typical week of camp, allowing 12 to 16 year old campers to spend additional time in their chosen Skill Track. Mornings are devoted to Bible Round Up and the Trailblazer Skill Tracks, which are called Trails. Each camper will choose one of three Trails: Wrangler Week, Adventure Camp, or Target Sports Camp. Afternoons allow for optional activities while evenings involve camp-wide activities such as games, hearing from guest speaker Kendall Hunter, and more.

Each camper will specialize in one of three options: Wrangler Week, Adventure Camp, or Target Sports Camp.

Wrangler Week appeals to the ultimate horse lover.  This camp’s emphasis is on horses – learning more about them and improving riding skills with more horse time than a regular week of camp. Campers continue to progress through WLD Ranch’s Horsemanship Program during their specialty week.

Adventure Camp is for the energetic and active camper looking to work as part of a team to overcome challenge course elements, as well as explore the outdoors with our bouldering wall, canoeing, an extended swike and more!

Target Sports Camp focuses on developing skills in archery (recurve bows), tomahawk throwing, and riflery (.22 bolt action rifles). Campers will learn safety and proper handling procedures, improve their aiming and accuracy, and enjoy hands-on demonstrations from guest presenters. Guest presenters will discuss topics such as arrow making, atlatls, and a variety of actions and calibers of firearms.

Pathfinder and Tenderfoot Day Camps 

Our Day Camps (Round-ups #1D, #2D, #3D, & #5D) offer an alternative for those who would like to experience camp without staying the night. These Day camps run concurrently so day campers will join our overnight campers in the camp program from 9:00am to 4:00pm. 


Explorer Overnight Camp (Round-up #6 - July 31 - August 2)
Explorer Day Camp (Round-up #7D - August 5-8)

For those of you who would like to try something a little bit different than our typical week of camp, this week may be for you! The Overnight Camp will function like a typical but shorter week of camp whereas, during the Day Camp only option, campers will arrive at 9:00am to begin activities and depart at 4:00pm. Throughout the day, campers will enjoy a unique focus on Skill Tracks by choosing two of six Skill Tracks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). They will also have a morning Bible lesson, lunch, and free-time activities.

Morning Skill Tracks:

Horse Adventures – Spend time with the horses doing things not always part of the Pathfinder Roundup. Activities could include games on horseback, trailrides, cowboy skills like roping, and more.

Teambuilding Adventures – Participate with other campers to learn how to work well with one another with the use of our challenge course and other team-building activities.

Target Practice ­– Improve your aim with slingshots, tomahawks, atlatls, and archery with a tournament at the end of the week.

Afternoon Skill Tracks:

Canoeing – Learn the basics of canoeing including properly entering and exiting the canoe, various paddle strokes and safety on the water. 

Pioneer Crafts – Have fun making items pioneers would have made as well as enjoying modern day crafts with a nature theme. You can take your projects home at the end of the week.

WLD Games – Enjoy disc golf, raptor, archery golf and other unique games we enjoy here at WLD Ranch.

Family Camp (Round-up #8 - August 9-11)

Bring your whole family to summer camp! Enjoy loads of WLD Ranch style family fun for the weekend of August 9-11. 

Weekend activities will include hayrides, horse rides, family electives (may include canoeing, lasso and trick rope demonstrations, team challenge course, outdoor skills, and more), freetime activities (such as swimming and archery), singing and devotions by speaker Wesley Rinehart, and more. Family Camp includes three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday. 

Saturday evening is Theme Night for Family Camp! This year's theme is: A Night at the Circus. So, step right up, grab some cotton candy and popcorn and enjoy an evening of fun, games and entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, here is some information you need to know in order to send your camper to summer camp at WLD Ranch. What Parents Need to Know has information about check-in and check-out times, contact information, general information about WLD Ranch, and more. You can also view our policies for campers, including our policy on cell phone use.

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