Horse Retreats

Testimonies from Girl Scout leaders:

"Our Girl Scouts loved it and asked when we were coming back before we even left."
"The one night was perfect for our brownie troop. The girls had a great time and learned a lot about horses and the Ranch."
"I loved that our instructor led the girls in prayer before riding."
"We just love WLD. Can't find a better program for our girls and I love that it's Christian based."
"Very knowledgeable staff. Lessons were fun & informative. Felt like safety was #1 priority . . . loved that!
"We enjoyed the proactive style of the Ranch - everyone involved and no one supervising without DOING."
"The Staff at WLD make you feel like family every time you go."

Our horse retreats include a variety of classes, from riding to learning about grooming, feeding, and caring for horses. You can choose from several packages to meet your group’s needs. If one of our packages doesn’t meet your needs, let us know and we can custom design a package just for you!

All groups are welcome! Whether you’re a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Homeschooler, Youth Group, or any other group, give Anna a call to secure a date for your group!

Contact us for current prices (

Choose from one of the following packages:

Package A will give your group a chance to experience the many aspects of horse ownership, as well as what it takes to care for a herd of horses. Your children will leave with a better understanding of caring for horses, as well as a variety of valuable riding experiences. A hayride and campfire are included in this package (weather permitting).

Package includes:

  • Friday night snack,
  • 3 meals on Saturday,
  • 2 meals on Sunday

Package B gives your group the same program as Package A, but saves the cost of a meal and one less riding time.

Package includes:

  • Friday night snack,
  • 3 meals on Saturday,
  • 1 meal on Sunday

Package A and B include afternoon activities such as archery, challenge course events, crafts, etc.
(For Girl Scout leaders: Package A and B are recommended for completing or working toward the Horse Fan, Horse Rider, or Horse Sense badges. All three levels can be offered to a group during a weekend, but all three levels cannot be earned by one individual during one weekend. Each child will work at his/her own pace and will be placed in an appropriate group by WLD Ranch staff.)

Package C teaches the basics of starting, stopping, and steering your horse, as well as what is involved in caring for your horse. This package is recommended for younger children or Girl Scouts earning the Horse Fan badge. A campfire and hayride are included in this package (weather permitting).

Package includes:

  • Friday night snack,
  • 2 meals on Saturday

If your schedule only allows a one-day-get-away, here are some options for you to choose from:

Package D brings you out to WLD Ranch for two hours of horse related learning. This two-hour slot includes a valuable riding experience as well as classes pertaining to the care of horses (grooming, feeding, etc.).

You may choose the 2 class or 3 class package.

This package works best for first-time riders and younger children, although all ages are welcome. (For Girl Scout leaders: The Horse Fan badge can be earned during the three class program. Our two class program services Brownies well.)

The Trailride package is designed for children in fifth grade or above who have been on horseback before within our other riding programs. With this package, you will enjoy a scenic trailride through the paths of the wooded acres at WLD Ranch.

Trailride options are:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour.

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