WLD Ranch Core Values

Friendships – Campers build friendships as they interact with their peers in cabin groups, classes, and free time activities. They also build friendships with the staff, from their own counselors to the barn staff to those serving the tables. Spending a few days intentionally involved with other people can open a child’s eyes to the joy of making friendships work. They just might learn that life can be so much greater when we make space for others in our lives instead of always focusing on ourselves.

Focused Learning – Campers participate in focused learning experiences, where they may learn skills such as horse riding or archery, or where they may learn how to work as a team to accomplish more than one person alone could accomplish. Our staff is committed to helping campers learn in a fun and caring environment.

Faith Development – Spending time at a Christian camp can transform a camper’s life. We are committed to guiding campers and guests to Jesus as the Truth in life, pursuing a relationship with God through Jesus as a foundation for experiencing life as it is meant to be. We don’t force campers to make decisions, but allow the opportunity for campers to decide for themselves where they stand with God and what they need to do about their relationship with God. Bible Round-Up and evening meetings are focused times of spiritual instruction, but we also encourage campers to consider how Jesus values every aspect of their lives.

Fun – Camp should be fun!  We design every aspect of the camp experience to capitalize on the fun factor through play, games, having fun, and enjoying life.  But structured free time activities, singing, camp-wide games or cabin games, and hayrides are not the only ways to have fun at camp. Learning experiences are designed to keep the campers actively engaged and having fun too.

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