Here are some registration forms that you can download. Find the registration form(s) you need, print it off, fill it out, and mail it to us along with your deposit. Mail your forms to:

WLD Ranch
7351 Woolsey Rd.
Girard, PA 16417

SUMMER CAMP 2019 - Pay your deposit online here. Fill out the form, then click "pay now" to go to the Paypal page to complete your payment. (Details about summer camp are found on the summer camp page.) If you pay a deposit online, please download the registration forms below and return them to complete the registration process.

Choose Deposit Amount:
Choose a Round-up for first camper:
Name(s) of Camper(s)
RU #s for additional campers


Overnight Camp Registration Form - for all camps except Day Camps and Family Camp; fill out this form and the Health Form (included in the file)

Day Camp Registration Form - RU#2D and #5D; fill out this form and the Health Form (included in the file)

To register for Family Camp, you will only need to complete and mail in this registration form:
Family Camp Registration Form


Outdoorsman Retreat - May 2017 - This is the brochure and registration form for the Outdoorsman Retreat 

Winter Weekend 2018 - Registration Form available sometime in the Fall (this is the brochure and registration form for the Winter Weekends (dates TBD).

Married Couples Retreats - go to to register.
These forms require the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. 

[To register for other programs, please contact WLD Ranch.] 

WLD Ranch 2017 7351 Woolsey Rd. Girard, PA 16417 (814) 474-3414