Letter to Parents

How Can I Save Money and Still Sent My Child to Summer Camp at WLD Ranch?

(An open letter to parents and guardians)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We admit it! We think your child or children should come to our summer camp! We believe that a summer camp experience at WLD Ranch is something your campers will not only enjoy immensely but they will also take home valuable lessons that will impact their lives. The unique mix of friendship building, focused learning, faith development, and fun activities gives your campers a taste of life at its fullest.

*Friendships are built as campers interact with their peers in cabin groups, classes, and free time activities. They also build friendships with the staff, from their own counselors to the barn staff to those serving the tables and cleaning the dishes. Spending a few days intentionally involved with other people can open a child's eyes to the joy it is to work at relationships and build friendships. They just might learn that life can be so much greater when we make space for others in our lives instead of always focusing on ourselves.

*Every camper participates in focused learning experiences, where they may learn a skill such as horse riding or archery, or where they may learn how to work as a team to accomplish more than one person alone could accomplish. Our staff is committed to helping campers learn in a fun and caring environment.

*The faith development of campers is very important to us. We believe time at a Christian camp can be an experience that God uses to transform someone's life. We are committed to guiding campers and guests to Jesus as the Truth in life (John 14:6) because we have found that a relationship with God through faith in Jesus is the foundation for really experiencing life as it is meant to be. We don't force campers to make decisions, but we allow the opportunity for campers to decide for themselves where they stand with God and what they need to do about their relationship with God. Bible Round-Up and evening meetings are focused times of spiritual instruction, but we also encourage campers to consider how Jesus values every aspect of their lives.

*We believe camp should be fun, so we design every aspect of the camp experience to capitalize on the fun factor. Play and games are a big part of being at camp, so many aspects of the camp week focus on having fun and enjoying life. But structured free time activities, singing, camp-wide games or cabin games, and hayrides are not the only ways to have fun at camp. Learning experiences are designed to keep the campers actively engaged and having fun too.

So we think your child or children should come to summer camp at WLD Ranch. We also realize that sending one or more children to our summer camp is a huge personal investment by you, the parents or guardians. We recognize that it takes a financial commitment to send one or more children to summer camp. We also recognize that it takes a personal investment to entrust one or more of your children to us for a week of summer camp. We want to be upfront with you about both of these areas. As far as the investment of your trust, we will continue to provide outstanding camp experiences to campers. Please see what others are saying about summer camp at WLD Ranch as well (www.facebook.com/WLDRanch and our testimonials).

As far as the financial commitment, we'd like to offer some suggestions to help you with careful planning so that you can send your children to summer camp at WLD Ranch while also making the most of the funds you have available. Here are four ideas:

1) Take advantage of the discounts that we offer. You'll find this information on our website under the summer camp page and at www.wldranch.com/summersavings. We will automatically apply some of these discounts if they fit your situation (sibling discount, early registration incentive). You will have to put some effort into the discount for recruiting new campers, but it can be well worth the effort to be able to receive the discount as well as have your child bring some friends to camp with them.

2) Seek assistance from your family. Be kind and gracious with your request. We'd rather see you maintain good relationships with your family than just get money from them! Grandparents are often willing to assist with the camper fees so your children can go to summer camp. Or they may prefer to supply some spending money or a care package for the child's week at camp. Some parents or grandparents have also used a week at summer camp as a birthday or Christmas present.

3) Seek assistance from your church. Some churches already have funds set aside for assisting families in sending children to camps. Check with your church about this. You could also simply go to the church and request assistance. One example of a church that provides assistance is the Federated Church of East Springfield. Children who attend Sunday School at the Federated Church during the school year receive a discount from the church for summer camp at WLD Ranch.

4) If you are still struggling to provide the funding for your children to attend camp, you can seek financial assistance through WLD's financial aid program. We have limited funds available and provide partial scholarships on a needs basis. Please contact Christy Preston for more information (christy@wldranch.com or call 814-474-3414).

Serving you,
Joseph Preston and the Staff of WLD Ranch

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