Summer Savings

Paper registration forms are available by request: 814-474-3414 or email

Early Registration Incentive

Register by February 15 and receive a $35.00 discount for each camper and session. If you submit your deposit online, you must also mail in the registration form to qualify for this discount.

(Family Camp discount is $5 per person.)

Sibling Discount

If you are sending multiple children to summer camp, each child from the same family receives a $35 discount off registration. Each child can only receive the sibling discount once.

(Sibling discount is not available for Family Camp).

Recruit new campers

Returning campers: Bring a 1st time summer camper with you to your Round-up and receive $35 off your registration fee. Bring two first time summer campers? Receive $70 off! This discount applies to any number of first time campers that returning campers brings with them. To claim this discount:

  1. You must be a returning WLD summer camper.
  2. You must bring a friend who has never attended summer camp at WLD Ranch.
  3. You and your friend must be pre-registered for and attend the same Round-up.


Any family who participates in our Summer Camp Investment Program (SCIP) can receive a discount toward summer registration fees. The Summer Camp Investment Program allows families to send money each month toward summer camp registration fees. This money is credited toward your child’s summer camp registration fees. For example, if a family sends $10 each month from August through May, they would accumulate $100 toward summer camp registration fees. Those who participate in SCIP by sending monthly payments throughout the school year will receive a discount of 10% of their total SCIP payments. For example, a family who has accumulated $100 in SCIP will receive a $10 discount off of registration fees. SCIP discounts are awarded based on SCIP money accumulated by June 1 of each year. This discount only applies to those families who have sent monthly payments throughout the school year, beginning no later than October. To join SCIP, contact Christy ( to get a SCIP application form. Send all SCIP payments to WLD Ranch, Attention: Christy. Please include a memo or note stating that your payment is for SCIP. These payments will then be credited to your summer camp registration fees.

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