Springtime 2022!

Joseph Preston

Saturday Mar 12th, 2022

(As I admire the wintery scenery outside my office.) 

Sure, we have snow in March, but who doesn't? And spring weather keeps creeping in occasionally (next week looks great!), but regardless of weather, spring season is upon us at WLD Ranch! Horse lessons have begun. Horse retreats are scheduled. Robins and geese are back. Field Days for schools will return this year. The Open House is scheduled for Sunday, May 1. The Pool fundraising picnic is scheduled for Friday, May 27. And then summer camp! (Summer camp brochures will mail out this coming week, for those wondering about that. But you can see summer camp info at www.wldranch.com/programs/summer-camp/ now.)

We have a busy spring ahead of us, with groups as well as projects. We plan to work on the last part of the fence that needs replaced, and some additional improvements are in the works! I'll share as soon as we have more details to share.

Check out our upcoming events, including our Married Couples Retreat on March 25-26, Open House on May 1, the Pool Fundraising Picnic (www.wldranch.com/fundraiser/) on May 27, and summer camp!

Thanks for staying connected with us! 
~Joseph Preston~

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