Due to the need to focus on rebuilding the bunkhouse that burned (www.wldranch.com/followingthefire), we have decided to postpone the Outdoorsman Retreat for 2018. We will resume the Outdoorsman Retreat in 2019.

(Contact us if you want to be on a list to be contacted for the 2019 retreat.)

WLD Ranch’s Outdoorsman Retreat is for all men ages 18 and older who are interested in the great outdoors! We invite sons (ages 12-17) to attend with their fathers. This retreat is filled with on-site demonstrations and hands-on activities featuring outstanding guest presenters as well as excellent WLD Ranch activities.


We are working on an exceptional line-up of presenters and outdoorsman activities for next year’s retreat. More information will be available in Fall 2018 for the 2019 retreat (Friday-Saturday before Mother's Day 2019).

Typical Retreat Schedule

On Friday, registration begins at 6:00pm and supper will be served at 6:30pm. The evening will include some hands-on activities and presentations as well as an evening devotion.

Saturday includes three meals, a morning devotion, demonstrations and hands-on activities, and our “Ranch RangeMaster” challenge (participating or observing is up to you). The event concludes at the end of Saturday supper, which is a “cook your own steak” dinner.

Bunkhouse lodging
Outdoorsmen will lodge in one of our bunkhouses, which includes bunk beds and bathrooms with showers. Bring your own sleeping bag and toiletries. You may also bring a tent to sleep outside or spend the night at home.

Price (includes Friday supper and 3 meals on Saturday; lodging and facility use; all activities; no extra charges)
           (To be announced . . .)    

 Price for partial stay

           (To be announced . . .)

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